About the Award

The Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid International Award for Sustainability is a recent award as it was launched at the Ajman 6th International Environment Conference in March 2018 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman. The award aims at honoring and promoting everything related to sustainability whether it is sustainability research or personalities with contributions in the field. The award is also awarded to institutions that establish and apply sustainability principles and become an example for other institutions

Vision of the Award

"Pioneer Award for Sustainability and Conservation of the Environment and its Resources"

Award Massage

Access to the latest research, technologies and projects in the fields of environment, sustainability and applicability in the region

Award Goals:

  • Promoting applied research in sustainability.
  • Encourage educational institutions and people to innovate in the areas of sustainability and green technology.
  • Honoring personalities who contribute to protecting the environment, natural resources and creativity in green technology and applying the concept of sustainability.
  • Spread environmental awareness and culture of sustainable development through participation and knowledge.
  • Encourage organizations to adopt best green practices aimed at preserving the environment and natural resources and achieving the concept of sustainable development.
  • Involve individuals and institutions in the follow-up and implementation of sustainable projects.

Award Guide

Award Categories & Rewards

Best Research Award for Sustainable Cities.

1st Prize:

30,000 AED + Award Shield

2nd Prize:

20,000 AED + Award Shield

3rd Prize:

10,000 AED + Award Shield
  • The research should include any relevant journals on the integrated management of natural resources, the protection of the urban environment from pollution and the application of the concept of socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development in green technology to serve communities.
  • The research should be applied in a clear way to support the sustainable development of cities and the preservation of public health and the environment
  • To include solutions and alternatives for the optimal use of natural resources and utilization of the remnants of human activities through the realization of the concepts of rationalization, recycling and reuse in cities
  • Priority is given to research papers published in scientific journals.
  • The Research is not getting any award before
  • The research should have applications suitable to the regional environment of the Arab region and the nature of the climate of the Middle East.
  • The use and applicability of the research results.
  • The research can be in Arabic or English.
  • C.V of the researcher or research team.
  • Summary of research either in Arabic or English.
  • Certificate of acceptance of research from the scientific journal in case the research publish
Environmental personalities that have an impact on innovation, introducing environmentally friendly technology and supporting the concept of sustainability.

1st Prize:

Award Shield
  • Be a UAE national
  • To be an active participant in the support and development of businesses, activities and projects related to supporting the concept of sustainability, environmental protection and natural resources development, innovation and in green technology
  • Have contributions to international forums on sustainability
  • Have already worked in the areas of management, planning and follow-up in bodies related to the protection of the environment and the sustainable development of natural resources.
  • A personal Photo for the candidate
  • C.V of the candidate accompanied by scientific certificates, contributions and expertise in the field of the prize
Award for the best Organization or its governmental or private establishment that adopts green best practices and contributes to the protection of natural resources, environmental conservation and sustainable development

1st Prize:

20,000 AED + Award Shield
  • The organization must be registered within the United Arab Emirates
  • Contribute to environmental protection, conservation of natural resources and sustainable development through different practices
  • Enterprise adoption of environmental management systems and sustainability
  • Contribution of the Organization in the field of applied research, innovations in the fields of public health protection and environment, conservation of natural resources and sustainable development and technology through different practices
  • To be one of the most important objectives of the Organization is to preserve the environment and achieve sustainability and the concept of green industry
  • To contribute to the creation of innovative solutions to environmental problems to achieve sustainability
  • Sponsoring the Organization for environmental activities and contributing to the promotion of environmental awareness
  • Contribution of the Organization to reduce pollution and improve the environment
  • Complete information about the Organization supported by documents
  • Summary The features of the Organization are relevant to the Award
  • Projects and initiatives undertaken by the Organization in the fields of the Award

Award Agenda


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Deadline for receiving the nominations


The ceremony of announcing the winners and honoring them and honoring the sponsors

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