In its second edition, the Hamid bin Rashid International Sustainability Award announces the continued acceptance of submissions until December 2023.

The "Hamid bin Rashid International Sustainability Award" in its second edition has announced the continued acceptance of local and global submissions related to innovative research until December 15 of the current year 2023.

In this regard, Engineer Khaled Muin Al Hossani, the Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector at the department, affirmed that the award aligns with the wise leadership's strategy and vision in the United Arab Emirates, aiming to achieve a better and more prosperous future for the country. Additionally, it reflects the continuous global efforts to find more sustainable solutions to address environmental challenges. Therefore, the award is committed to supporting outstanding ideas and projects in the field of environment and sustainability by maintaining the continuity of organizing the award, which honors and rewards experts in this field.

Mr. Al Hossani explained that the award aims to honor and encourage anything that supports sustainability, whether it is specific research or projects in the environment, or individuals who have contributions in this field. The award is also granted to institutions that apply sustainability principles and serve as exemplary models for other organizations.

Al Hossani announced the opening of the participation and nomination process since October 15 of last year, explaining that the projects will be presented to the scientific committee for evaluation, and the winner will be announced in March 2024 during the events of the Ajman International Environment Conference. He urged experts and leading entities to compete for the award that supports those deserving in the field of sustainability and the environment.

It is worth mentioning that the scientific committee for the second edition of the award includes a number of experts, academics, and specialists in the field of the environment, including local and international referees. The committee is responsible for judging the participants, evaluating the projects from scientific and practical perspectives, and voting to choose the best contributions.