Under the slogan 'An Environmental City for Sustainable Development,' the third Ajman International Conference on the Environment attracts significant international attention and is set to launch in April with 100 exhibitors and environmental participants from around the world.

The organizing committee of the 3rd Ajman International Environment Conference anticipates a significant turnout of thousands of visitors and participants from various parts of the world.
The conference will be held under the gracious patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, a member of the Supreme Council and the Ruler of Ajman. The "Department of Municipalities and Planning in Ajman" had previously announced its preparations for organizing the third edition of the "Ajman International Environment Conference" over two consecutive days on April 7 and 8 at the Sheikh Zayed Conference and Exhibition Center within the campus of Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST).

The third Ajman International Environment Conference and Exhibition will be launched under the slogan "Environmental Cities for Sustainable Development." It will feature the participation of numerous global and local experts specializing in environmental, water, and energy issues.

The Ajman International Environment Conference and Exhibition, scheduled to be held at the Sheikh Zayed Conferences and Exhibitions Center at Ajman University of Science and Technology in Ajman city, will focus this year on environmental cities. Environmental cities are built for a healthy and sustainable future, where there is a reduction in the required inputs for energy, water, food production, waste heat, air pollution (CO2), methane, and water pollution. Experts agree that sustainable development should meet present needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and strengthen itself with renewable energy sources. The primary goal of these cities is to form the smallest possible ecological footprint, produce the least amount of pollution, use land efficiently, use quality fertilizers, recycle or convert waste into energy, and thus contribute minimally to climate change when adopting such practices.

The significance of the conference lies in being a forum and scientific platform for all interested and specialists aiming to contribute to the development of environmental cities that enable the conservation of water and energy resources, sustainability in construction materials, efficiency in sustainable transportation systems, and the potential to make Ajman a green city by bringing together scientists and experts in this field.

Conference Speakers

The conference for this year will host a large number of environmental scientists and experts from around the world and the region, including speakers from the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Palestine, India, and Yemen.

Conference Topics:

(1) Energy/Renewable Energy.

• Renewable Energy Technologies.

• Future of Oil and Gas in the Region.

• Waste to Energy.

(2) Sustainable Buildings

• Green Construction.

• Efficiency Practices.

• Innovative Design Concepts for Future Buildings.

• Noise Mitigation Techniques.

(3) Water Technology

• Solar-powered Desalination.

• Reuse of Wastewater.

• Innovative Sewage Water Treatment Techniques.

• Harvesting Brackish Water.

(4) Transportation

• Sustainable Transportation.

• Infrastructure Assessment.

• Carbon Emissions and Noise (Environmental Impacts).

• Dubai Metro Case Study.

• Union Railway Case Study.

• Challenges Facing Traditional Transportation in the United Arab Emirates.

accompanying events

The Ajman International Conference on the Environment is accompanied by an environmental exhibition featuring contributions from a number of leading companies in the fields of environmental technology, water, and energy solutions. The exhibition will unveil the best technologies and innovations used to reduce emissions, treat pollutants, and utilize alternative energy. Therefore, major companies in this field have been attracted from within and outside the country, sponsored by leading companies supporting environmental programs in the state. The technology presented at the exhibition will cover modern devices in the field of monitoring and measurement of pollutants of various types. Additionally, it will address primary treatment systems for liquid and solid waste resulting from industrial and commercial activities. The exhibition will also showcase the best lighting systems aimed at reducing energy consumption, thereby promoting sustainable development in the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Ajman in particular. It is noteworthy that the third edition of the exhibition will witness growth in the number of participants, with new participation from renewable energy companies and environmentally friendly products. The importance of the exhibits and topics covered in this exhibition lies in their all being related to serving the journey of sustainable development in the Emirate of Ajman across various economic sectors while protecting and strategically preserving the environment. The exhibition serves as an opportunity for decision-makers from government entities in the country to familiarize themselves with these products and directly engage with companies, manufacturers, and agents. Furthermore, the exhibition serves as an excellent platform for leading companies to promote their products in the fields of water, energy, and environmental technology, offering solutions to various challenges hindering the development of these vital economic sectors. Additionally, the exhibition contributes to the development of effective strategies and modern techniques in managing water and energy resources while preserving the environment.


The attendees include decision-makers at the local, regional, and international levels, as well as specialists in the environmental and safety fields within governmental administrations. Also in attendance are individuals interested in environmental issues, university students, and representatives from industrial facilities.

For more information, please visit the website: www.aiec.ae

For inquiries, please contact: 80026, 0674322331.

Furthermore, the conference, expected to attract thousands of visitors and official delegations from various parts of the world, will provide an ideal platform for facilitating direct communication between leading experts and decision-makers. This aims to spotlight the latest environmentally friendly technologies and discuss key developments in enhancing environmental security.

The event is expected to serve as a continuation of the remarkable success achieved in the previous two editions. Commenting on the upcoming event, Engineer Khaled Muayin Al Hosani, the Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector, stated: "The Ajman International Conference on the Environment represents a pioneering achievement for both the Emirate of Ajman and the United Arab Emirates as a whole. This is in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Chairman of the Department, and under the supervision of His Excellency Yahya Ibrahim Ahmed, the Director-General of the Department."

Engineer Khaled Al Hosani, the head of the organizing committee for the conference, explained in a statement on the occasion, saying, "The UAE has made a qualitative leap in adopting the latest green technologies and best environmental practices discussed in many previous conferences. This has had the greatest impact in bringing about positive change and significant progress over the past few years. We look forward, during the third edition of the conference, to reviewing the most prominent pioneering achievements and valuable contributions in advancing environmental development towards building a secure and sustainable future."

He highlighted that the agenda of the third edition of the "Ajman International Conference on the Environment" revolves around four main issues, namely "Renewable Energy," "Sustainable Buildings," "Water Technology," and "Transportation." He pointed out that participants in the event will have the opportunity to explore the results of research studies conducted by a select group of experts and specialized researchers on topics related to energy technologies and innovative solutions for developing future buildings, sustainable transportation, and much more. Visitors can also attend special sessions and interactive workshops focusing on various influential environmental issues.

He indicated that, on the sidelines of the agenda, there will be a specialized exhibition held in conjunction with the launch of the "Ajman International Conference on the Environment." This aims to provide exhibitors and visitors with the opportunity to exchange insights on the latest developments and updates related to the environment. The exhibition will feature participation from over 100 exhibitors representing various vital sectors, including industrial companies, contracting firms, engineering consulting companies, decision-makers, and high-ranking government officials.

He emphasized that the significance of the third edition of the conference lies in the "Ajman International Conference on the Environment" being a forum that brings together scientists, researchers, engineers, and decision-makers to discuss the most prominent achievements and latest innovations that contribute to enhancing environmental security. This comes at a time when countries around the world are seeking new sources of clean and renewable energy to address emerging challenges and achieve sustainability.

Noting that the promising Emirate of Ajman, the smallest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, stretches along the Arabian Gulf coast, forming a harmonious blend of rich heritage, modernity, and development. The emirate, covering an area of 260 square kilometers, has emerged as a preferred destination for investors, visitors, and tourists due to its attractive attributes.

Engineer Al-Hosani pointed out that the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department plays a vital role in driving the wheel of urban development and comprehensive growth witnessed by the emirate. This has qualified it to win numerous prestigious awards in recognition of its valuable contributions.