The main programs of the conference

Workshops and Discussions:

An opportunity for active participation and interaction with attendees and speakers.

Environmental Innovations Exhibition:

Showcasing the latest technologies and innovations in the field of environmental protection.

Key Sessions:

It includes keynote sessions featuring international experts delivering lectures on vital environmental issues.

Together, let's build a green future!

Hamid bin Rashid International Sustainability Award
In recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of sustainability. Explore the winners and learn about their contributions here.
Competitions and Prizes

Best Research

Best Research Award

The Best Sustainability Research Award serves as an incentive for leading researchers contributing exceptional insights into understanding and enhancing sustainability dimensions. This award aims to honor dedication and innovation in providing sustainable scientific solutions to contemporary environmental and economic challenges.
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Best Government/Private Institution or Facility

Best Government/Private Institution or Facility Adopting Best Green Practices and Natural Resource Protection Award

The Best Government/Private Institution or Facility Award is presented in recognition of excellence in adopting best green practices and enhancing the protection of natural resources. This award honors exceptional commitment that contributes to environmental preservation and sustainability for the benefit of current and future generations.
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Best Personality

Best Personality Award

The Best Sustainability Personality Award is a tribute to the outstanding individual who excels in making positive changes. This award acknowledges their dedication and distinctive contributions to promoting sustainability, inspiring the community to take steps towards a more sustainable and environmentally balanced future.
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Best Poster

Best Poster Award

The Best Sustainability Poster Award is dedicated to honoring creative and effective designs that reflect sustainability values and provide an artistic perspective on environmental challenges. This award is a recognition of dedication to drawing attention to sustainability issues through the art of design and graphics.
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