Under the patronage of His Highness the Ruler of Ajman, and under the theme "Smart Cities and Green Innovation," the fourth edition of the Ajman International Environment Conference is set to take place on March 2-3 next year.

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, a member of the Supreme Council and the Ruler of Ajman, the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department is organizing the Fourth Ajman International Environment Conference under the theme "Smart Cities and Green Innovation." The conference will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, March 2-3, 2016, at the Sheikh Zayed Conference and Exhibition Center at Ajman University of Science and Technology in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Yahya Ibrahim Ahmed, the Director-General of the department, emphasized in a press statement regarding the conference and its program that the Fourth Ajman International Environment Conference will address several important environmental issues that align with technological and smart developments in line with the vision of Ajman's government for the year 2021. The conference is launched under the slogan "Smart Cities and Green Innovation." He highlighted the significance of the slogan, stating that green innovation is the only way forward to protect the environment, keeping pace with significant population growth and significant developments in the field of smart cities. He pointed out that sustainability is no longer just an option, especially with the expansion of economic activities leading to increased waste disposal rates and destructive pollution. He added, "We are not only facing the risk of irreparable damage to our ecological system, but we are undoubtedly moving rapidly towards a decline in the quality of life for future generations." He further explained that the importance of the conference stems from the participation of a list of environmental experts and scientists in the main speakers' session, consisting of renowned experts and innovators, and thought leaders in the fields of green architecture, environmental technology, and sustainability. Their extensive experience and profound knowledge will serve as a source of inspiration for the audience, encouraging them to participate in lively discussions and providing an opportunity to learn about the latest developments and upcoming challenges.
Attendance, Speakers, and Program: The Director-General highlighted that the conference will witness the presence of distinguished personalities and several department advisors and partners. The organizing committee extended invitations to prominent leaders and decision-makers from within and outside the country to share their experiences with conference participants. Notable speakers include His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Chairman of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department (AMPD), and His Excellency Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, the Minister of Environment and Water in the United Arab Emirates. During the conference sessions, which include various keynote speakers, renowned experts, innovators, and thought leaders in the fields of green architecture, environmental technology, and sustainability will share their extensive experiences and profound knowledge, inspiring the audience and encouraging their participation in lively discussions. This will also provide an opportunity to learn about the latest developments and upcoming challenges related to environmental issues. Creative Methods for Environmental Protection: Yahya Ibrahim Ahmed, the Director-General, emphasized that, given the expected global population growth until at least 2050, it is not sufficient to rely solely on sending national, regional, and local representatives to attend international summits and meetings on policy development, believing that this alone is enough to solve the dilemma. He stressed the need to adopt effective and sustainable approaches in thinking, acting, and living within global communities. Ajman's Environmental Vision 2015: The Director-General pointed out that the Fourth Ajman International Environment Conference aims to contribute effectively to the implementation of Ajman's Vision 2021. This vision, launched by His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of the Executive Council, urges community members to participate in building a happy society based on the foundations of a green economy through a government that seeks excellence in all its achievements. Spirit of Union: Yahya Ibrahim Ahmed highlighted the concerted effort in the UAE, especially in Ajman, to build sustainable economies while improving and promoting environmental protection culture. He stated that the Fourth Ajman International Environment Conference, to be held at the Sheikh Zayed Conference and Exhibition Center in Ajman, will be a platform bringing together participants from all sectors and segments of society: legislators, executives, private sector investors, academics, experts, research students, and decision-makers at all levels. The conference will review innovative ways to achieve these priorities. University Student Competitions: The Director-General mentioned that this conference edition will showcase contributions with constructive and innovative ideas from experts worldwide. The program will include the main conference and technical working sessions for experts, allowing attendees to explore the contributions of bright young minds associated with the best accredited universities in the country. This includes a brainstorming session on innovative solutions in the field of sustainability through the Smart City Innovation competition. The conference will present an award to the winning team judged by the committee. Additionally, there will be a university competition titled "Reading about the Environment" to support activities and efforts aimed at raising awareness in the community. Importance of Attendance and Participation: The primary goal of this conference, according to the Director-General, is to provide an environmental platform for presenting ideas and engaging in discussions among specialists, national and international entities, academic circles, and both the private and public sectors. He stressed that the conference would enable everyone to be informed about the latest trends in smart technology and best practical practices from a select group of top experts and thought leaders globally. Conference Agenda: To ensure maximum benefit for all participants, the conference program will include presentations of research papers in four different tracks: Smart Cities and the Construction and Development of Smart Cities, Planned Legislation and Policy-Related Data, Smart Growth and Green Businesses, Carbon Footprint, Green Infrastructure, Green Buildings, Renewable Energy in Polluted Lands, Smart Water Networks, Green Spaces, Ecologically Important Lands, Suitable Development Areas, Land Management, Waste, and Crises.
Processing Technologies – Pollution Protection – Land Revitalization and Fertilization Techniques – Risk Management – Best Practices – Green Transportation – Environmental Health – Green Information Technology – Sustainable Agriculture. The organizing committee has prepared several publications for the previous three sessions, and digital and/or printed copies of the presentations given at the conference will be distributed. Additionally, the organizers will publish selected research papers in the International Journal of Environment and Sustainability (ISSN 1927-956X). This is in addition to the accompanying exhibition featuring several conference sponsors and a special booth for the department showcasing its environmental achievements, initiatives, awards, and various environmental ideas.